My Ampeg BA115HP came in today! I really want to try it out now with a band(220watts)!! Got it used off Guitar Center for $285 after shipping and taxes.

and with my current bass (hopefully getting a Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass after I sell my drums this weekend)

HNAD! Enjoy it and bug the hell out of your neighbors!
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AAAAWWWWW i want an Ampeg.

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

Also that shoreline gold looks wicked awesome on that bass.

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In the end, the only question is: what bass would Jesus play?

I think he's a Fender Jazz guy.

And the "shoreline gold" is actually Caramel Latte spray paint from Wal-mart. Not as pretty in person as in photos but still kind of cool.