Hi Guise I need some help with upgrading my amp. The one i have now is really cheap shit to be honest, and I'm kinda letting my band down haha.

Basically im thinking of getting a small-med. tube amp for small gigs and as a practise amp.

I talked to my guitar teacher and he said to buy something in the $800 range...which is alright, but ideally i'm looking for something under $400.

Considered a rowland cube, but ...i love the sound of the tubes more.

btw...i mostly play metal/metalcore/rock/punk/technical metal...etc.

Okay sweet, i'll check those out. Yea yea im a newb, it shows.

Budget? - around $300-$800

Genres? - metal/metalcore/hardrock ..stuff like Parkway Drive, trivium, Protest The Hero, Killswitch, Dream Theatre, Zeppelin, Metallica are sort of the main things i play.

New or Used? - prefer new, but ebay bargains are fine with me if it's decent quality.

Home or Gig? - Both. Mainly needs to be able to do a small gig

Closest City? - Sydney

Current Gear? - Schecter omen extreme
Peavey JSX
Peavey XXX

the peaveys are a bit out of my price range. :/ as with the carvin...

jet city 20 combo.

The 20W JCA2112RC sounds alright i guess...Never heard of jet City though? are they alright?

I've been looking at these for awhile, amongst others:

Marshall dsl
Marshall Sl X
jet city are soldano designed. soldano amps are very highly revered.

the jet city is a high gain amp as well. so there are your desired tones.

see if you can try one out, they're really decent amps.
I'm gonna go with my usual answer here. Peavey Ultra. An earlier version of the XXX/JSX. They usually go for about 250 USD, but in Australia, I'm not sure. But if you can get your hands on one, they are quite nice.
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There is no way in hell you are going to find an amp that fully meets your criteria in this country. You need to consider a few things;

1) You're going to need ~$1000. Start saving.
2) The majority of suggestions made here are for amps that are bat-shit-insanely-loud. High gain tube amps do not typically make good bedroom companions. Consider that a 20 watt tube amp will be more than enough to be heard at a 'small' gig; assuming a capacity of <200 people, using mics on the guitar amp speakers.
3) The Australian used amp market is extremely competitive. Bargains are few and far between, the market is flooded with overpriced items, and they're selling like wildfire. If you really want to cheap out on this purchase, be prepared to wait for something decent to come up in your price range - consider note 1, in that time you'd be better off saving for something good.

With all this in mind, consider the Blackstar HT20/40 combos if you have to stay cheap. If you stretched your budget into the $1000-1200 mark, you could snap up a used Peavey 6505 combo. Whatever you do end up buying, for the love of god, put a boost in front of it. In fact, put a boost in front of what you're using now, THEN consider a new amp. Maxon 808s or Ibanez TS9s are safe bets.