Anyone heard of a Peavey 6x12? Some guys offering me one but has zero infor on it that helps. It mght be a PA cab? I just want to know if it's safe for bass or even worth using. Supposedly from the 80's
It's a bass cabinet with a horn. Great cab; heavy like an 8x10 'fridge, though. 12-inch speakers are becoming more popular for bass, and if you like the tone; go fo it. You'll move a hell of a lot of air!

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Yes. You want this cab.
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Well Cool, cause I'm trading it for what was a $50 harmony guitar that I cleaned up and put up for $80. I just hope the speakers in it handle bass, the guy got it from a friend who took the tolex off and truck bed lined it, then took the speakers out and put new ones in (super Q) never heard of them hopefully they are bass safe, then they grill was taken off and individual metal circle covers were put on it. I have to wire it myself. but if it works cool, or I need to trade for bass speakers, otherwise I'm sure it'll resell for more than $50
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Super Q's are speakers from Q Power. I believe they are car specialists, and apparently the speakers aren't particularly good.
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Sorry to derail slightly, but does anyone know what that Peavey cab pictured up there is rated at?
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Super Q's are speakers from Q Power. I believe they are car specialists, and apparently the speakers aren't particularly good.

What idiot would put car speakers in a bass cab? I would get the cab simply for the construction, 6x12's are pretty rare to come by, I'd buy it and throw new speakers in it.
Gilly, I think it was originally either 2.3 or 5.3 ohms? I'll email Peavey soon and ask, and let you guys know.

And I did get it, and I'll Figure it out. Right now I am at my girlfriends apartment on the 3rd floor, so it's in my car where it just barely fits in my back seat. For a $50 old harmony guitar yea it's a deal. They might be car speakers, the guy seemed like he was not sure what he was dealing with as his friend left it at his house and he wanted to learn to play guitar hence the trade. I'm sure I could trade or sell them if that were the case for some money towards bass speakers. It's going to be a cool project even if I sell it, and probably worth more than $50

Edit: I think I am going to paint the body Green, and the Baffle Yellow, as the speakers are red. For a reggae rig with bumbacab on the side for my Jamaican friend when we jam.
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