So i have a shitty laptop as a result of moving house recently and buying a desktop is for sure not an option any time soon.

The game i'm looking to run is Heroes of Newerth which currently just can't be done.

I can't upgrade the graphics card on my laptop because it can't really be done so my only option is upgrading from 1gig ddr2 ram to 4gigs ddr2 ram, which is the maximum my cpu can hold.

Will upgrading ram though improve my performanc enough? Anyone ram smart able to explain ram a bit better to me?

These are the requirements for the game:

These are my current specs:

Thanks in advance.
Upgrading the ram won't give you much in terms of gaming performance. The intel VGA cards they build into laptops really don't do much well, other than loading webpages and flash objects.
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What everyone else said. Your video card does most of the heavy lifting when you play games, and usually affects whether or not you see a lag, so that's probably the most important piece of hardware, aside from your CPU, that you need to upgrade.

Your RAM gets used to temporarily store data used in the game. With that said, if you don't have multiple programs running at once that is storing their temporary data in RAM, then you should have a sufficient amount left for gaming.
I play the game a lot, you dont need that much video juice but definatly more then a gig of ram. That laptop is old though and I dont think its worth upgrading, there are very good laptops in the 300-400 dollar range that will easily run this game
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you should invest money in getting at least 5gb RAM

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Your processor doesn't meet the minimum requirements, so you're going to have a tough time of it. RAM is Random Access Memory, which if you imagine your computer hardware as a person sitting inside a room, RAM would be how much room he has to stretch his arms and legs.
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You won't be able to even touch a game like that with your processor.

Throwing new ram into it would be a complete waste.
You need a new computer with at least 2.2Ghz Dual core, 4 GB Ram, and a graphics card from the Nvidia 8000 series or better.

I'd also suggest making it a desktop since laptop components aren't really compatible with games. Even the graphics cards aren't really good enough for anything more demanding than RTSs on their lowest settings, unless you spend nearly a grand on it.
Quote by vayne92

Anyone ram smart able to explain ram a bit better to me?

Random Access Memory.

It's memory which is used to store the information you're working with at the moment. So, while your hard drive is used to save all your installations and files, whenever you're actively working with a program your computer loads all the relevant files into the RAM.

It can access them much faster from the RAM than it can from a hard drive, and it doesn't matter where in the RAM the information is stored, it still takes the same amount of time to access it. That's why they call it 'random' (compare to a hard drive where the disc has to spin to the right place to read information - the speed of reading info depends on where it is on the disc).

More complicated programs need more RAM because they have more files that need to be loaded into the RAM to run. If you're low on RAM, make sure that you don't have too many programs open, so do things like closing your web browser when you try to run a game, for example. Task Manager will tell you exactly how much of your RAM is in use, and how much each program is using.
You want to game on a laptop? The best game you can play on that is runescape.
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If you wanna game on a laptop, prepare to dish out alot of money for a high-end Acer, ASUS, Alienware/Dell or BTO-laptop.

If we are talking about games the weight of Crysis ofcourse.
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If you wanna game on a laptop, prepare to dish out alot of money for a high-end Acer, ASUS, Alienware/Dell or BTO-laptop.

If we are talking about games the weight of Crysis ofcourse.

My HP Dv7 does fantasticly with Starcraft 2, I can play everything on high, with minimum to no lag. And Starcraft 2 is a pretty demanding game. Also, I plan on playing Diablo 3 with this laptop, and some Vindictus as well. And I'm 100% sure my laptop will be able to handle it.

Now my internet connection at college? That's where I get the shit end of the stick. That's where all my lag comes from, because the internet here is awful
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Gpu is your bottleneck there, so no. Adding ram won't do much.

just get a better laptop, heck I'm sure you can find a 2nd hand one with at least 256mb gpu for under £200


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You need a new laptop son.

first of all, the GPU is worthless if you don't have a good CPU to run along side it. Your cpu doesn't even meet the minimum for the game.

Looking at your options, an i3 latop with at least 2GB of RAM and either an AMD or Nvidia mobile chipset should be good.

Intel graphics are no good for gaming.

But of course I always recommend a desktop pc.
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