Pretty much all in the title. I'm playing with a Carbon Copy right now. Honestly, I love the pedal but I really hate having to adjust it by hand before every tune I play. I'd really like to be able to tap it out and not worry about it again. What's a good way to go here? Trying to stay under $250.
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all i can think of off the top of my head in that price range.


after a quick lookaround:

Boss DD-20
Cusack Music Tap-A-Delay
TC Electronic Nova Delay
TECH 21 Boost D.L.A. Delay

oh and just realised that i'm thinking of ones which have a dedicated switch for tap tempo. the boss dd-7 and hardwire dl-8 you can hold down for tap tempo, and then dial it in.
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I had a Cusack tap-a-delay that I really liked. I got rid of it because it didn't have enough delay time. I replaced it with a TC Flashback, which doesn't have a tap tempo per se but has a "strum tempo" where you hold down the footswitch and then strum and it sets the delay time to that. It works quite well but you can't do it on the fly like you can a tap tempo. If you can live with 750ms of delay (which is a fair amount) I can recommend the Cusack.
DD-20, DD-7, or DD-5 (all have inputs for a tap tempo switch)
Line 6 DL4
TC Electronic have 2 I believe (forget their names)

Honestly, IMO if you have $250, get a DD-20 and never have to worry about getting another delay pedal. That's my opinion though.
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empress vintage modified superdelay - sounds amazing to me

oh wait I didn't realise its was over 400$!
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Stymon if you find one in budget. If not then DL4 and dd20s go for like 150 on GC and craigslist Im assuming you are in the US. Also I really like the Cusack as well.
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The nova is delay is killer!!
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