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This is a song I co-wrote and recorded with a guitarist friend of mine who's girlfriend had just left him after a four-year relationship with no explanation. On the lyrics front he wrote the first verse, I wrote the rest. My friend handled the majority of the guitar parts on the recording, I did the rest. Listen and enjoy...
sick work man, sounds like 80s style.

i like the music guitar/bass lines and vocals

but the lyrics don't capture me much.
everything else is a good job.


my piece i just uploaded


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Not bad, not bad at all dude. A bit over gainy, so it kinda all becomes a blurr, but it still sounds good. One thing I do notice is that it lacks punch, like you over compressed it to get the volume. I wasn't too fond of the solo in the middle, kinda didn't fit, definitely not as wanky as the solo in the beginning, I would expect to hear the beginning solo more in the middle of the song, and the middle solo at the beginning rather than the other way around.

Still, pretty good production and everything.

Thanks for the crit btw.
I probably wouldn't have started with lead guitar right off the bat, but that's just me. I was surprised by the only-one-note lead guitar at ~1:08 after the lots-of-notes-lead guitar at the intro. Vocals are very good! 98% of the guitar playing is tight! I like the "bass solo". With just a bit more polish, I could picture this on 80's hard rock radio. Very good overall, most of it is rockin'!! Please review my music at this link:

Damn, dude. There's some sick lead-work here. Great vocal emotion. Awesome tone and quality. I would listen to this regularly. Drums are good, bass flows well, vocals are spot-on, guitar-work is excellent. I actually like how you started with the lead right away. It caught my attention right away.

Listen to it on my pro headphones at 720p. Seems to be allot of clicking but thats probably the encoding so whatever.

I really like everything about it, I cant comment on the lyrics because I cant make them all out but I get the general idea.

Everything in composed really good, solos, bridge and structure fit well.

My only suggestion is the leads dont cut out as much as I would have liked.

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