list five good things that you did today.

today i renewed my insurance,
took the day off,
ate an awesome sandwich,
took out the garbage,
and swept the carpet.

good things can be small moderate, or awesomely good things like saving someones life or helping an old lady across the street.
or just things that are good or enjoyable to you personally.
If you do something right, no one will know you've done anything at all

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Nothing really yet,

Got up for work
Did the breakfast run

And to do

Go and have a pint
Go to band practice
Clean the house

Oh and one great thing I did today.......your mother
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Overlooked this thread.
Overlooked this thread again.
Overlooked this thread again.
Had a cigarette.
Posted in this thread.
Unveiled my lovely doctored picture of the factory foremans family with his sworn enemies face shooped onto his own.

He wasn't too impressed. It was great!
well my hope is this thread will inspire others to do more "good deeds" for others and not just for themselves.
it will either do that or confirm my cynicism. either way.
If you do something right, no one will know you've done anything at all

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I did this.
Then i did something else. (mind your own business).
Then i .... no i didn't do that...
I played my guitar
I went on facebook.
"You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore"
even seemingly insignificant things.
like turning off the lights to save on your light bill.
or read for 20 minutes instead of watching TV.
i don't know, man..
If you do something right, no one will know you've done anything at all

Proud to be called Best Friends with Pastafarian96
Began transcribing Unexpect's most recent album.
Made a fantastic ham and Jarlsberg sandwich.
Congratulated a friend on graduating from high school.
Had an hour-long driving lesson.
Currently being super quiet so Dad can have his nap.

Not my most productive day in doing good things for others... but certainly for someone's benefit, anyway.
Just got up because my frined called me and said he was walking in the forest and fell into the hole we'd dug the day before and couldn't get out. lulz were had.

Then I went to the fridge and got a bottle of coke that doesn't have enough fizz left.

and I went to my computer and refreshed a couple of pages, the Pit being one.

I clicked this thread.

I wrote this.
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On the come up we were listening to Grateful Dead and the music started passing through my bowel and out my arsehole as this violet stream of light. I shat music. It was beautiful.
Listened to Polly.
Listened to Milk It.
Listened to Lounge Act.
Listened to Dumb.
Listened to Territorial Pissings.

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1) where i live it is friday night so the work week is OVER!
2) i am one week closer to coming home
3) finished my podcast background work
4) got over my cold
5) had some nachos for dinner just now
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went to work(work sucked.)

cooked steaks for dinner

bought cd's from the bay

haven't done 3 good things at least 3 I can remember...today was a shit one.

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I had sex...........................................................................................5 times.
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Woke up.
Enjoyed waking up.
Got drunk.
Played with myself.
Listened to music.

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I had sex...........................................................................................5 times.

lol, you wish.
"You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore"
I ignored a phone call from work
I got out of bed
Played a few games of Angry Birds
Made breakfast
Made a cuppa tea
Solved complex technical issues (like a boss)
Trolled forums (like a boss)
Over-viewed contract for my flat (like a boss)
Drunk tea (like a boss)
Paid bills (like a boss)
Such is posting in Soviet Russia
Took a 70km bike ride
Finishing up some work I have to do for the youth movement I'm in
starting up some other work for that
helped my sister get used to/start up her new cellphone
Learned the rules to a game called Kubb

I've been doing pretty good so far, and it's only just past midday
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Read this!You know you really want to...

Drank coffee
Ate a cinnamon bun
Came home
Ate Pasta Carbonara
Smoked a cigarette

Day was awesome.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Spent 45 minutes making pancakes for breakfast (delicious!)
Read a science magazine
Hard workout
Shaved with a knife
Took the dog for a walk

Good day so far...
Skipped class
... That's about it.
All the way from Palm Springs, just out of detox.
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