Hi all, Pod Hd 500 simulate Amps, why buy a Amp so ? I´d like to extract only the sound of Pod Hd !
is it cool buy a Studio Monitor like Krk Rokit Rp8 G2 ? or JBL 4412A Studio Monitor etc ?
I´d like quality ! what is the best choice ?
My use is only at home !

any opinion will be appreciate

KRK's are quality monitors, they're pretty much the standard for home studio's and such. You won't be disappointed with them.

I have not tried or used the JBL's though so I can't comment. I'm GASing for some decent studio monitors myself at the moment and the RP8's are looking pretty good.
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RP8s are ok, but entry-level, at best.

For the price you'll pay for a new pair of those speakers, you could pick up a pair of M-Audio DSMs from audioMIDI.com, for a bit more, which will utterly destroy them. Since they're being discontinued and coming out with a new line, the price is less than half of what they were before.

I have a pair of DSM3s and they easily compete with Adam A7s.
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