Hey there,

though I might share some music with you. This is my band's first half-decent recording.

I'd love to hear some feedback on it. Please cover anything you like, from singing, accent, playing to your personal overall impression.


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You guys have got something decent going on. thusfar I've listened to about 3 minutes of to mourn, a little bit of suicide diary, and I'm now listening to monument.

Vocals are solid, based upon your username I'd imagine that you're looking for a darker deeper vocal sound, similar to Ville Valo, and although I'm not very familiar with HIM, I have still heard enough to say that if you are looking for that style, you've got it. I also hear similarities to Black Veil Brides' vocalist (not meant to be an insult lol...). Accent was noticeable but for the most part very clear and understandable.

I like the thundering bass in Monument, wishing it were louder of the other tracks. Guitars are fine, I really liked the solo in 'to mourn', it reminds me of my own style, but that can be biased I suppose. I feel as if the solo was improvised though, not very organized, but still great sounding potential in it.

Drums sounded too fake, they obviously were. Would sound better with real ones, sure I don't have to tell you. Also I believe I heard keys in 'to mourn in my opinion, if they are there, take them out. just didn't fit.

started listening to sick and tired. LOVED the acoustic. but when the vocals kicked in, I stopped it. I don't think your vocalist's low low voice really fit the acoustic, despite being dark and sad.

Hoped this helped, and keep pushing forward. You have a diamond in the rough going for you.
Thank you for your feedback!

Well, I'm not exactly looking for that particular style of singing, it rather started like this because that's what I was capable of when we started the band - it never really changed, though Concerning the acoustic song...yeah, the vocals suck here, I know that. Sorry for bleeding ears!