Hi guys, I understand this might be against the rules but i'm not fussed if i can raise the number by at least one.

The owner of one of the best underground venues in the UK has decided to turn the venue into a restaurant, this is the only venue in the Leeds area, and most of us don't have the money to go to shows every weekend via train/coach (and hotel fairs/having to leave the show before finish due to catching last train) The venue has put on some of the best shows in the UK, mostly 'core bands such as Ceremony, Trash Talk, UK Subs, Gallows, Sheer Terror (in jan, first time in the UK) , Suicide Silences first UK show, and on and on, it would be a massive blow to the scene if our only venue got taken away considering no-where else lets these bands play and if so not as regularly.

If you could please take 30 seconds to sign this LEGITIMATE petition and help us out over here it would mean the world. So far we've reached 1990 people in less than 24 hours. Thankyou