I'm looking for a new amp head as my old Peavy XR - 400 is not keeping up with my needs
my budget tops out at around ~$1000 AUD
I'm looking for something for gigs so ~100watts preferably
i mainly play metal and am looking for something that has a very nice distortion
it does not phase me if it is new or used, I've been looking at marshall's, mesa's, dimes and black-stars. i do have some FX pedals like a Zoom G2.1u and a Boss DS-1 and a few others lying around. and im looking something that can play a fair range, I mean I've got my XR-400 for cleans so more of a mean meaty metal sound from the ''new'' amp.
I'm in Townsville in Queensland Australia but i can get it shipped from anywhere in Australia, that does not phase me
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oh thanks, didn't see those rules :s
i edited my post, thank you for linking me those rules
Well, it's gonna be tough to get a Mesa in AUS, so just be ready to understand that. Also, your "amp" is a PA mixer...time to get a proper guitar amp.

So 100 watts under $1000? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1481835 Contact this guy, and find a properly rated 2x12 cab.

Boom. You're welcome.
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Wow Thank you so much,
I know that mesa's are harder to find in Aus, my stepbrother did manage to get one though.

yeah I understand my amp at the minute is bad, but its better than the Squier SP10watt i had and for $50 it was a good buy at the time :P

my gear is slowly building up I'll defiantly have a look at that amp head