Hey guys, I have a question involving a key of a song I wrote. I know that all the chords involved are F, C, D and A#. (In that order) That's it, would it just be in the key of F? And would it be major, minor, or any of the other weird names for keys? (Hungarian, Locarian)

Yes, poop.
I think it would be in the key of F maj with an F-sharp (third of D chord)
If you want a progression tht strictly follows the key i would suggest playing Dminor instead of D, (you use minor third which makes the Fsharp an F that belongs to the key)
You have F - C - Eb - Bb (try to learn the difference between A#/Bb or D#/Eb early) or I - V - bVII - IV in F major. The bVII is borrowed from F minor.

Nice little progression