Hello, Im looking to buy a used acoustic/electric guitar.... This will be my first guitar but I want something that is solid for the money. I was looking at these two guitars -

Fender T Bucket 300CE single cutaway
Takamine EG540C

I have seen some good reviews on them both, sounds to me that the Takamine might be a little better in sound quality. I want some more info from hands on or people that have seen these guitar's. Thank you so much

No personal experience with that Takamine, but I really did not like the T-Bucket.
Takamine do make excellent guitars. However The more you pay the better they play, and some of those cheap takis are just so so . Have you looked and played Yamaha. I would say that yamaha
for a first guitar has been endorsed on this forum more than any other and ive been here longer than most. Cheers