Check out my cover of Paranoid (by Black Sabbath).
I improvised some bits in the solo. and this is my first time recording a song like this (Multiple tracks and such). Tell me what you think of the tone and recording too.

MP3 is here on UG

Youtube link

EDIT: The song has been re-uploaded with vocals (Special thanks to James_Het_Rules for the vocals)

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Quote by spookyguitar
sounds awsome,just add the vocals and it will be great.

Thanks man,
I was thinking the same, but I can't sing.
wow.. really amazing =)
i agree with spookyguitar, maybe you can find someone to sing for you ? or try singing by yourself =)
anyway.. you are super talented
Quote by James_Het_Rules
Dude! I love it! Even has the old school tone to it. I love coming across full covers of songs like this, it's so much more awesome than people covering guitar parts in Youtube videos... since that's not really covering... at all... Also, great job on the solo! I've always been a Sabbath fan, and I'd love to hear it with some vocals. Shit, maybe I could give em a shot.

You should check out my cover of Metallica's "The Thing That Should Not Be" and lemme know what you think.


And if ya like the vocals, I'd be down to help you complete Paranoid!

And again, good job!

Thanks dude!!
You could do the vocals for me?
That would be awesome, I'll send you the MP3 yea? PM me your email address.

I C4C'ed your cover.
Sounds great ! Nice tone on the whole and especially on the solo !
not too much a fan of the guitar tone, too fuzzy, also drums should be quieter/guitars should be louder.

good playing, no problems with the solo

not really a fan of the vocals though, a bit too heavy

overall though, good cover, nothing that couldn't be sorted out with a bit of time,

keep it up :-)
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Nice, I liked it although I thought the tone had a lot of distortion on, a bit too much for my liking, it made it sound a fuzzy as someone else said. Played well though. I liked the vocals aswell, they sounded OK.
I've got a version on my profile, it's to a backing track that already had vocals on.
Spotless cover guys !

The guitar tones are spot on, just crappy enough :P
Not much mroe to say! One of my least favorite Sabbath songs but you guys did it really great...actualyl quite enjoyable! :=)