Hey guys, I am looking for a metal vocalist. I am interested in vocal styles from Lamb of God, As Blood Runs Black, All Shall Perish, and other similar styles. I currently write all instruments and some of my work can be found here www.youtube.com/twprophecy as well as a sample of my newest mixing quality (Titled "Retribution") The other tracks on the site are done with a less expensive program, but I now have access to higher quality software.

Anyways, the track "Retribution" is a taste of the direction I am wanting to head. If you think we could do well together, shoot me a response via comment or PM.
Im interested but my computers broke I gotta find a way ti record but I influence from lamb of godd, devildriver, slipknot, beneath the sky well u get the,point ive bern doin metal vocals fir 8 years n am ptolly the guy ur lookin for hit me up nathen_petit@yahoo.com
I heard your song on youtube, and it sounds really good, good job man! I would be interested in taking a stab at one of your songs, I am a metal vocalist, have sung deathrock to black metal, and been doing it since the late 90's, though I tend to keep it on the creepier side. Here's a link with an example of my vocals, I do have decent equipment to record vocals, and have been in two bands that were online so I have experience in the realm as well. Either way, your song rocks.