Hi guys, I posted in the "which pup?" thread but haven't had any response so I'm posting here.

I dug out my old Ibanez RG350M last night and fixed it up as best I could, it's playing pretty sweet again now with new strings and a Tremol-No but after months of playing my other guitars with superior Dimarzio pickups, it DEFINITLEY could use some upgrades- currently has the stock INF pups. Basswood body, maple neck and fretboard, locking trem yaddayadda

I was leaning towards Vai's Dimarzio Evolution set as I have the bridge model on my 7-string and I'm reasonably pleased with it, but lately I've been on a Paul Gilbert kick and I'm really diggin' the tone he had back when he was using PAF Pros. I'm also a big fan of Satch who also uses PAF Pros. I'd be using the guitar largely for playing stuff in the vein of these aforementioned artists.

So! Dimarzio Evolution set or a pair of PAF Pros and either an FS-1 or Injector in the middle?
Evolutions are ideal for the lead guitarist. They have lots of presence so your overall sound will have a sharper attack. Since you have a guitar with slightly warmer woods, it should smooth out the top end a bit, but I suggest you try out an Evo equipped guitar with specs similar to yours.

As for the PAF Pros, I've found they have more of that low end punch that Paul tends to go for and that the Evos kind of lack. If you ultimately decide you want to sound like Paul, then either try out the PAF Pro or the Tone Zone.
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Hmm, I'd lean towards the PAF Pros for that "low end punch".. think I'll go with them but I'd like a few more opinions first thanks