Anyone swap tubes out on this one before? I'm thinking Mesa tubes or Euro Tubes (JJ's). Any ideas?
If you go the Mesa (Rebranded) route you'll get matched tubes for your amp.

If you go the JJ route, you'll need to make sure you ask for a matched set with the specs that Randall suggests. There are lots of places to buy JJ tubes. Eurotubes.com is one of them. Tell Bob what you have and he'll probably take care of you fine. PS: JJ's is all Eurotubes.com sells.

Are you going to do the preamp tubes as well?

Edit: I've never swapped tubes out on a Mesa.

v....Yeah, Doug is a great guy to work with. He is very on top of what tubes work best with what amps and supply/demand and will usually recommend some things besides all strait JJs
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I wouldn't buy from either of those places. Mesa are just rebranded JJs or Sovteks (but more expensive) and Eurotubes are fine but they only sell one brand. I'd go somewhere like dougstubes.com or tubedepot.com. Doug will definitely help you out with a good selection if you email him. There's nothing wrong with Eurotubes if you know you want JJs, but if you've never replaced the tubes before you might want to try a few different kinds of preamp tube and you can't do that with Eurotubes.
I thought Doug's tubes was Eurotubes?! A couple of years ago I got a gold pin set for my Peavey Classic 30. I think the guy I spoke to on the phone was Doug. By the way, I love those tubes and the way the peavey sounds.

I'm a little more cautious with the Mesa though because I know they have their own tube brand. I'm also interested in people's opinions on tubes for the mesa because I've never been in love with the dirty channel on the amp (my strat sounds great through the clean channel though). Wondering if a different tube set could have an impact. The existing tubes are about 3 or 4 years old I think.
Doug's tubes is not Eurotubes. Eurotubes might have a guy named Doug working there, but if you go to Dougstubes.com, you will not be buying from Eurotubes.

There is no reason to be more cautious with Mesa because they have their "own" tube brand (which is not their brand at all, but someone else's tubes with a Mesa sticker on them). They just want you to think you have to buy their more expensive tubes. I am certain Doug can get you set up with a very nice full set for less then a Mesa retube would cost.
^ +1

also nonjonron (kind catchy ) different power tubes will not make THAT much of difference in your tone. The amp's circuit and preamp will carry most of that responsibility. Sure going from 6L6s to EL34s is different but the differences between JJ and Ruby and Tung Sol won't be that great (in power tubes).

Preamp tubes imo have much more of a tonal difference in both type and brand.

Bob owns www.eurotubes.com
Doug owns www.dougstubes.com
Hey thanks 311z and Roc. By the way 311, I also own a Schecter C-1+ and a Fender Strat+. Just thought I would mention my secret lust for the C-1, despite its low cost. Really fun guitar to play screaming leads on.....(off topic, sorry).
cool man!

i have a thing for cheap guitars for some reason

also - it is your thread man, do what you want with it

here's mine

my goal is to take the Custom Custom out of the Strat and put it in the Schextorz as the Duncan Designed JB'ish bucker is a little too loose for me but not bad at all. Then I've got a Duncan Invader and a '59 that I still need to do something with

what i wanted to say was that my MIM Strat and C1+ are a great value. Good decent parts and they have a nice feel/tone to them for the money paid. I bought my Strat new in '08 for $450 and the C1+ last year or so for like $299 at best buy. Model close out thing. It is my go to guitar right now. Someday I'd like a nice PRS Custom 24 or something.
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