But, my Ibanez EX 3700 has a floyd rose.
I love it to death, except, I can't really go back and forth from standard to drop tuning, and I do occasionally use the tremolo.
So, would I be able to just sacrifice my needs, and set it up in drop D tuning, and for anything that's in standard, just play 2 frets higher on the low E?
I promise you i'm not a noob, i've just never faced this before, lol.
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? I have a double locking trem, not a floyd but still, and i have no problem switching the tunings. I just use the fine tuners.

EDIT: wait, you use ibanez? You sure it is a floyd, not an Edge or ZR?
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Get an EVH D-Tuna for your floyd...you can switch back and forth from standard to drop d
My floyd isn't like that. it's a lo-trs with recessed fine tuners.
And I thought of using the fine tuners, but the bridge appears to be so sensitive that even if i did that, it would cause other strings to go out of tune slightly.
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Well... in theory, yes... but if would mean relearning any fingerings you got down in EADGBE to account for it so any scales/chords would have one string shifted 2 frets which could get annoying if anything. Especially a barre chord would get frustrating (to me at least)..

They make a thing called a D-Tuna that will allow a Floyd to go between standard and drop D. Not %100 how much it is or how well it works though, only fiddled with it on a friends guitar...
I really can't help... I have a ZR and I can tune it easily... Best option would be to buy another guitar, It's practically impossible to play everything on the lowest string just 2 frets higher, like chords and stuff.
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My floyd isn't like that. it's a lo-trs with recessed fine tuners.

This is where some confusion is coming from. Floyd Rose is a brand name, not a generic term. A Lo-TRS is not a Floyd at all. The product may be similar in some regards, but if you say "Floyd Rose" and what you really have is a low-end version of a competing model of a Floyd Rose, you're not going to get the help you need.

To answer your question, yes, you can play in drop D and play two frets up on that string to correct for E-standard notes. That's one reason Drop D is popular, because it tends not to interfere with chord fingerings too much but allows for some of the range of lower tunings.
Sorry for the confusion.
But about it being low-end, it may be, who knows, I think people confuse it with the 2nd lower quality version, there's not many of them I assume.
But the block said Takeuchi Made in Japan, and the plate isn't thick molded pot metal.
It stays in tune pretty well, and flutters good for that matter.
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It's actually not hard to switch most hard rock/metal styled stuff from standard to drop D, just using the low E, 2 frets higher, after a while you'll get used to it, some things can be sort of awkward (G major chord in particular) but there's always different versions of the same chords to use..
Get another guitar for alternate tunings. You can't fight physics. Detuning one string on a floating trem will also detune all of the other strings. They were designed to be used in one tuning.
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you could always block the trem via sliding in a small piece or w/e and tune down, the tune back up and take it out.
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