I have the X2 guitar wireless rack mount. and i broke the cable for the pack on my last tour. This is exactly what i need, but i dont want to play 50 dollars for it


any ideas where i could get the same cable for like half the price?
ive all ready checked the music stores here, like Long and Mcquade and Steve's neither of them had it with the screw on 1/8th jack. any ideas?
i could, however, im looking for the 1/8th jack that screws on at the same time, because i can spend about 10 bucks and get it without, but i want to try to find the screw on part, even if i have to solder the rest of the cable togther
if u want one to ur exact specs or chep, just make one yourself. prolly ten dollars in parts from radioshack. it will then also be eactly gow long you want it to be. the soldering will be better to most likely. Once u buy a soldering iron simple repairs are easy like on youg guitars for example. your original cable could maybe even be fixed tho im not sure what the damage is.
its just a simple short, but at high volumes during a show it sounds like im unplugging and re-plugin back in, (a sound guys worst nightmare) also tho the greatest for my amp lol. the short is in the 1/4 part of the cable
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There's little to say about an adapter, but for what it's worth, this one is fantastic. It's sturdy, stylish, and it creates a seamless connection for your 1/4" to 1/8" inputs.