I'm looking at building a guitar and wondering what bridge should i put in it?

Alot of people say a tune-o-matic bridge but was also thinking about a fender style one.

by experience which would you say is better for sustain and stability.
Also it will be mahogany body with maple top
By Fender style do you mean like a wilkinson bridge? a tele type bridge? there isn't a universal 'fender type' bridge...and I would go with the tune-o-matic, either way.
I believe a tune o matic is better for both sustain and stability, as there are less moving parts. Though, the wood has the most effect on sustain. I would, along with the tune o matic, get locking tuners to aid in stability. This is all by experience, as I've owned guitars with many different kinds of bridges.
like the fender american standard bridge, its on warmoth.

and tune o matic but with string thru body or the stop tail piece