Hi, I just purchased an ltd ec-1000 and it sounds like a bunch of crap coming through my line 6 spider 500w as well as my line 6 toneport ux1 usb interface. I have tried tweaking things in podfarm and the old gearbox program and it always just sounds fizzy in the background. I've been playing through toneport for a while with my peavey nitro (discontinued and has a good chunky tone), but it doesn't even sound good with that guitar because the program i guess. I just need a usb interface or an amp that is responsive and i can play metal with. I want the ability to play fast licks on higher scales and go right back into the heavy chunky lows. I should be able to do this with the ec1000 but i guess the usb and amp i have just arent the best for what i want to play. I want either a new usb interface or an amp(i wont be playing live) that i can play the way i mentioned without all the noise as well. The fizzy background noise on my amp and podfarm is always apparent.
First of all, your Spider is NOT 500w.

Second of all, download TSE X50, LePou LeCab 2 and Catharsis Impulses. X50 sounds better than POD Farm, even the Metal Pack, and it's free.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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well I have a mac so it isn't gonna work! not good!@$!#%! any other suggestions? thanks
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i was going to say I've got a UX1 and Pod Farm and love it. I'm on Windows tho.

honestly, I'd sell the Spider and get a Vypyr.

or hope that someone can help you out with an Apple friendly program. '

(never really had any issues ...even with the cheap stuff)
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Do you have Garageband? This is what I'm doing right now -

Go here, on the right side download all the Audio Unit plug ins:

Put them in Library > Audio > Plug ins > Components

Next download this impulse loader plug in:

Put this in the Components folder as well.

Download Catharsis impulses.

Open garageband, create a new real instrument track. On the right, hit the edit tab for your track and click on one of the blank spaces and load an amp. It should be at the bottom of the drop down menu.

At the next blank space load in LAConvolver. In the edit settings window for this, you can load the impulse responses. They can be located in any file on your computer.

Hope this helps. I'll check back when I get home from work and can give you better details with my computer in front of me.
cool. so i dld all those things and pulled up garageband. I pulled up laconvolver in edit and then the catharsis impulses. All I hear through those impulses is just clean tones that vary in punchiness. Is there something else that i am supposed to do? thanks for the help.
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Do you have something like this?

Have you changed the amp settings yet? I can't really think of a reason it shouldn't be working though.
It looks like that. I am just confused on if i am supposed to open that le456 vst interface while im in garageband along with la convolver and the catharsis impulses loaded all at the same time?
Click on the orange thingy to edit each one.

LAconvolver will come up with this (I don't have one of the catharsis impulses here):

When you first bring it up the button next to File: will say load and it will bring down a drop down menu to navigate through your computer to load the file. Mine just says remove since they're already loaded.

And the amp will come up with this:

Click on buttons to change channels and modes... I found for heavy tones I like putting the input all the way up. I use the Legion sim for dist and Lextac for clean. I still haven't figured out how to get as good of tones as I've heard though, still working on it.

I did try for the first time tonight sending the line out of my 5150 to my interface and loading impulses, and I was kind of disappointed - I was hoping for much more improvement over the amp sims so I guess they aren't that bad in the end.

Anyway, I hope this gets you there it's done me wonders for late night recording
amplitube is free and mac compatible, its comes with a few models to start you off, but you have to purchase more from the store if you want them.
When I tried it with both laconvolver (with catharsis impulse) and the lextac on it sounds like complete mess ha. I really don't know what to do. I may try that amplitube thing. thanks for the help everyone.
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