Alright, I've been playing for 7 years and use to know how to read music for the first two years because I had some lessons, but then I sort of got into playing tabs has caused me to almost completely forget how to read music. However now that I'm trying to learn songs on my own without tabs, I was thinking it'd be good to know which notes are which again and where they're located on the guitar and how they sound.

I have like a 2 hour break each day I can use to learn the music, not including all the time I have at home so I was thinking I'd bring my guitar with me and learn how to read music again in the 2 hours I have each day.

Anyone got any websites or something that I can print pages off or anything to help me out with this, and do I even need to bring my guitar?
Personally, I would get some decent books and work my way through them. Basics of reading are somewhat simple to comprehend.
However becoming good at sight reading takes a lot of repetition.
Steve Vai spent countless hours just learning how to read, he said it was difficult and took time... but all the effort paid off eventually.
He mainly used books which was all that was available to him back then.
Maybe there's sites and programs now that make learning more efficient... google?

This series of books was my introduction to reading music. It laid a pretty solid foundation for me. I did the Phase 1 (red book) and Phase 2 (blue book, above) and then started to actually read proper guitar sheet music. I think the highest note that Phase 2 deals with is a high A on the first string, but by then it should be easy to figure out anything higher by yourself - from then it's just learning how to play the same notes in different positions etc.
If you've read notation before then you should catch onto it much quicker; you just need to reawaken the ability in you.
I can read rhythm fluently which is good enough for me. I tried learning the notes and can, but not as fluently as rhythm as I don't use it really.