I joined a couple buds to make a Thrash Metal band, we're decent but we wanna be the best we can so we figured we needed help. The topics and help i'd like is in:

I'd just like your thoughts, tips, and to say what you like to make better Thrash Metal for every headbanger.

Lyrics - not that important
Riffs - should be rather fast
Soloing - whammy + wah
Equipment - Yes this would be useful too

You're not really asking any questions here.
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Don't take this the wrong way, but if you need to ask about those things then perhaps it's not the best idea you starting a thrash band?

Dude i know how to write lyrics, riffs and solos. But there's always rrom for improvement so...
Personal thoughts:

1. Forget about the cheesy KILL POSERS, THRASH IS BACK! -attitude.
2. Lyrics: the kind you're into the most, I suppose. Brotip; something that doesn't refer to your genre and posers.
3. Riffs: Can't help you there. But, if it sounds like any new wave thrash band would, scrap that shit.
4. Soloing: I prefer to write solos, but that's a matter of taste, so just uh... develop your own style or something.
5. If you really do want to just sound like Metallica or Exodus, ignore my post.
Grow a pair of fucking balls and write what you want.
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0-0-0-13-0-0-0-0-13 or something like that alalalala but It;s so heavy and off time and awesome and you could not f**k anyone to it.

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Lyrics - either write so ambiguously nobody knows for sure what you're talking about (like Metallica), or write on global issues (like Megadeth) or write about esoteric stuff (like Slayer), or even better write about whatever you care about and find interesting.

Riffs - I personally think dyads have a special place in thrash, and good thrash riffs tend to use dyads a lot. Don't stick exclusively to perfect fifth power chords, of course.

Soloing - Don't depend on the wah - that just makes you sound like a Kirk wannabe. Get more creative, keep it fast and somehow make it expressive, too. Compose them meticulously if you have to, and work till you can just go off without sounding like you are just wanking out notes.

Equipment - Personally, I think you would be better off with active electronics, but stop with the EMG 81/85s everybody. My god it sounds generic - they are nice sounding for what they do, but I'm personally tired of hearing them. Live Wires seem the best suited thrash. As far as amps go, you pretty much have to go with some Marshall stacks. The majority have spoken.

Personally, I don't think you should take my advice. I think your questions mean you really should back up and think more before you try to jump into something, etc. Or just go with what you have and you work it out along the way.
Im in a thrash band myself, Galvorika
1. We normally write music based on the mood of the music or write the music around the lyrics either way is a good way to go.
2. Most riffs we use uselly remind us of a song we know. Not enough to say we tried to steal it or anything. Just listen to some of your favorite bands and get some ideas and work with those ideas.
3. Well on soloing, just work with your scales and modes, and your sure to find some stuff you like. Try to find what key your music is in and that will also help in your soloing.
4. As far as equipment goes, thats just has to be your preferences. Cause not everybody likes each others equipment. I use a 100 watt Blue Voodoo Tube Crate Head in a Crate Cabinet and it works fine for me, but some other people might not think so. Its just your choice really. Find what you like the best and go with it.
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Sup broski... Everyone else seems to be trolling and not really answering your questions so here:

Lyrics -

I felt you in my legs
Before I even met you
And when I laid beside you
For the first time
I told you
I feel you in my heart,
And I don't even know you
Now we're saying
Bye, bye, bye

That should be good enough for the first album, PM me if you need more.

Riffs -

. . . . . .

Do that mainly but add some pinch harmonics and cool effects.

Soloing -

Just repeat the riff I showed you an octave higher but make a guitar face while you do it. Like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZM0EGBdHOw but don't be a fudgepacker.

Equipment -

Again, just PM be bro. There is this AWESOME dealer in my neighborhood and I can probably get you a deal on anything you need. This is Carl (though the minorities seem to call him Tay Tay):

Really friendly, respectful dude. Knows his stuff. He used to be a guitar tech for Kirk Hammett.

Anyways, good luck dude. TRASHMETAL4LIFE!!!!!!!!11
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