i'm looking for a good tuner that has settings for flat tunings and drop tunings if theres a thread for this please link me to it thanks
Do you want a pedal/rack-mounted/hand held?
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well i would like to have a rack tuner but a pedal is good too if i can see it well no hand held as i want it hooked into my rig full time
get a headstock clip or pedal - anything from Korg, Planet Waves, etc. will do the job.
ya i guess i do mean chromatic bare with me been awake since 3:30 am and working 10 hr days at work
The other guitarist in my band has a tc electronics "polytune"tuner. I've never been jealous of someone else's tuner but when he misses practice I put it on my board, haha. Its a super bright almost gimmicky tuner but they work great, have different modes and puts on a mesmerizing light show when used. Def check it out