Hi, I'm 17, from Wales, and I'm looking to either provide my services to a band (as a session or member) or start a band from scratch. If you don't know where Wales is, this probably isn't the article for you, and neither is it one if you don't live in Wales (I don't know how internet bands work, either). At the moment, I play piano, harmonica, some guitar/bass (I can play a handful of chords and some riffs, nothing spectacular), and people have told me I'm an able singer. For the most part I'm a pianist/singer tho.

(P.S. In the near future I wish to learn Violin, Saxophone and Sitar (possibly drums))

I'm into most styles of music, but recently I've gotten into big swing band numbers (doesn't necessarily mean that's the kinda band I'm looking for tho). If anyone wants me to play for their band or join mine, feel free to ask, I'm sure I can arrange something. Also, (may be the wrong place to state) but I write lyrics and a bit of music if bands would like some.

I've only been playing 2-3 years, but I'd say I'm of adequate playing skills in my instruments, so drop me a message if interested.

Hey, its ThatGuyWeKnow :P
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i recently moved to wales and wouldn't mind maybe getting together with you maybe having a jam session where abouts in wales you from?