I'm gonna be joining in on a local shred competition......and looking at my competitors I'm pretty confident I could do a decent if not spectacular job in the standings. Even so I'd like to come in to it prepared rather than improvise a flurry of notes that make no sense like alot of the guys are doing.

I only get a minute and was just looking for some quick recs on some shreddy songs. It could only be a piece of an insane solo or something. Was thinking something by becker or friedman. Not to sure yet though so just throw em out there!
Smoke on the Water...they will be blown away.
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Eugene's Trickbag is the shit if you can get it as clean and quick as the original.

If you're a total 100% monster do the original - Paganini's 5th Caprice.


Paul Gilbert would struggle with that shit.

If you beleive your in the top 0.0001% of guitarists then try that song if not i would suggest something like cliffs of dover by eric johnson, technical difficulties or fuzz universe by paul gilbert or perhaps something by shawn lane, maybe soothsayer by buckethead.

I assume you've been playing for over 5 years
Actually, it's not too terribly hard. It's impressive but there's no way Paul Gilbert or anyone else in his league would struggle with that song.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54eZyO3cdGg Michael Romeo has a good compressed version here (only about a minute and a half long, rest is replaying and zooming in and such) of TDG by Symph X. After you get the intro down, the rest is pretty simple.
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Viking Kong - Paul Gilbert
Miles of Machines - Jeff Loomis (or anything from Zero Order Phase)
Wave Of Babies - Tosin Abasi (Circumstances tell me you won't be playing that one, but its very technically advanced)

I could list a ton more, if you'd like
Where's Waldo?
Escape the fate - This war is ours Intro and Solo and the Aftermath Solo
A7X - Second Heartbeat solo
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Animals as Leaders - CAFO
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