Nice! Reminded me of Deftones or Filter. Only thing I noticed was that the transition at around 40 seconds sounded really abrupt. It seemed kind of like there wasn't really a transition, so much as the first thing just...stopped. Not a bad thing by any means, it sounded great, it's just something I noticed.
In the first part, I loved the effects (I think reverse cymbal idk) and the drums. The separate mics for the snare and tom gives it an interesting listen.

I don't know how you made these effects, but they are just plan awesome for this slow(ish) song.

I liked how you added a new instrument(?) to the final segment with the drums
And it seems that the final notes of the guitar clip or just drop before allowing time to resolve the note. A little similar to that sudden drum-guitar transition.

Overall, this is great and it's a great listen with headphones!

when you get the chance