Hello, I am looking at these two Takamine's but not sure if one is a lot better for the extra money. Both are Acoustic/Electric..... the EG341SC has a pre-amp but not sure if that makes it worth 80 bucks more. This is my first guitar ... I want to make sure its a good starter one. Thanks a million for any info you can provide!

Takamine EG540C - Blue - Like new - hard case - $200


Takamine EG341SC - Black - Like new - hard case & Ultimate Guitar Stand - $280
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well, the EG540C has a laminate top, the EG341SC has a solid top. to me, that would mean get the EG341SC. as far as i can tell, both are acoustic electrics.

if you don't want electronics, you might also want to consider the yamaha fg700s as a good quality starter guitar. to my ear, it sounds a bit better than the lower priced taks, but taks tend to be good quality, and if you want to plug in or play the higher frets, the EG341SC is a good option.
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Thank you.... is the EG341SC a good guitar? All the reviews say both very good ... I think that is why Im confused. Thanks