How does that even work? I've been looking for someone to play some acoustic guitar and jam, but theres no one in central louisiana.
yeah it sucks, im in an actual band but i hate it because we always get together and nothing ever gets done everyone just plays for a minute then nothing but xbox and ps3 it sucks dude
You need to tell them practice is practice and hanging out is totally different. Work at work, man.
My estimated guess on Online Bands is someone records something, submits it to another player, then record over that, and repeat. I think a lot of Guitar Pro is involved too.

There is a better answer though.
We're all alright!
I'm in an online band right now.

It's not that bad, but there is no jamming involved. A lot of Guitar Pro writing is being done and we're going to start recording a demo soon.

It's not bad if you're ok with writing things and then having to wait to send it to the other person.