So me (15 yo) and my brother (13) got pit ticks to Uproar in KC tomorrow a week ago. My bro and I talked my dad into it, but now hes "regretting" the decision. He read the FAQ for the concert on the RockStar website and saw "How to Mosh?" So like a good parent, he is slightly concerned.
I got the pit ticks so I could so the opening bands up front, and move back towards the lawn area as BFMV and A7X got on stage.
He is thinking about buying a lawn ticket, but I'm telling him that he will absolutely hate it, (he is a Beatles guy, even thinks Zeppelin is too heavy)
I don't really mind him going, I just don't want him to hate and ask us "why do you like this music"
He is not worried about me and my brother being safe, but about the potential "drunk wackos" there. I'm attempting to explain that I can make mature decisions, but to no avail
I also have friends with their parents that are going in the reserved seats section

Sorry for the long post, but what should I do to make my night a fun success?
I'm going to a show in this tour.

I doubt there will be serious moshing. I went to the Uproar tour last year, and even though I wasn't in the pit, it seemed like it was mostly just 13-16 year olds hardcore dancing (I was never sure what that was until I saw it).
I love BFMV, but I will get away from the pit cause it might be crazy, and I want to seem responsible. And on the TicketMaster page, the venue rules said "All ages, rain or shine, no moshing or crowdsurfing" I used that quote to talk my dad into it, but he seems skeptical
I'm your age and my parents try to do the same, just tell them you have to learn to be responsible and to do things on your own eventually and . Worked for me, eventually.
you like BFMV and A7X? in that case, if you want your night to be a fun success i suggest listening to Skepticism and Evoken all night long.
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I went to Uproar on Tuesday, there wasn't much moshing. If you stay close to the front but to the sides of the stage you should be able to avoid most of it. I was to the right side of the stage where Synyster stands, very close to the front.
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My friends went to Uproar when it was over here a couple weeks ago or so. They said it was intense. I wish I had gone too
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