alright ive been playing for 4 years. i love it to the point where ill sit and play for 10 - 12 hours. but im gettting to the point of not knowing what to practice. recently i touched up my alternate and have gone into more advanced music theory. and when i practice i dont no what to do please help.
Learn to play jazz guitar. If you can wrap your head around that stuff you can play anything.

And if you really are playing that much, join a band with a couple other serious musicians. You can spend entire weekends just teaching each other new stuff.
You haven't even said what style you play, how can anyone tell you what to work on?
work on improv until you can improv at least 75% of SRV's Texas Flood and come back.

thats what i did like a year and half ago.

you benefit two ways from doing this

1.you need to learn what notes need to be played with the song to keep it authentic,
2.whice adding your artistic flair to make it sound to make it sound different.

thats what i would do.


of course all of this is after you have a good feeling for the rhythm of the song and the like.
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I bet you probably have some issues with your playing that you're unaware off. I noticed after reading this forum that my left hand moved way to much when going from the high e to the low e on the chromatic scale. I fixed it by using a metronome and carfully addressing the problem. My advice is record yourself, watch your hands, look out for anything you can improve(that includes the way you bend, vibrato, your legato, hammer on's and pull offs).

After that work on your ear training, that will definately help your improv too. Playng with other people is the BEST way to improve your playing, that I know for sure
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play in a band and write your own songs. dude sitting around practicing scales etc only gets you so far. besides how would anyone know if you were amazing if trhey never hear you . having skills and being able to apply them properly are two different things.