I know this has been done before on here, I've read the topic a few times before and I knew about the 10K hour theory before I saw that topic. I've always just wanted to try this myself and see what the results may bring and being able to post on here and log it I think is a good idea for myself and other guitarists who would like to monitor aspects of technique and practice regimes.

Here is a bit of background information about myself just to give you an idea of where I stand when I'm starting this quest/log. I've played guitar for about a year and a half pretty much everyday for a couple hours, I've never had lessons at all, everything I've learned I've learned myself. I didn't discover guitar until late in life, however I enjoy it very much and find it as a way of channelling emotions so I enjoy doing it everyday. I like logging hours as I'm a very methodological person and like to write task lists and check them off, I'm hoping this topic will serve as my online list.

Here is how I am planning on breaking things down with my approach:

- I do not plan on playing guitar for 10hrs a day, I plan on playing guitar for 3 to 3.5 hours a day everyday.

- I will post my weekly day by day log of exactly what I am going to do each day, and what my goals are for the day/week.

- I plan on breaking down my practice routine as such:
  • Song playing for 1.5 hours
  • Songwriting for 30 minutes
  • Music theory for 30 minutes
  • Technique study for 30 minutes (includes studying licks and riffs)
  • Actively listening to music for 30 minutes doing ear training

- I will try my best to learn as many songs as I can during the week (of different skill levels and styles) and write my own songs and post them in a video log at the end of each week starting now.

- I want to target all different styles of guitar, from Classical to Blues and will do my best to consistently switch it up. However I will say this, my heart is set on blues, pop, and jazz guitar.

- Lastly I do not plan on approaching this part of my journey with an ego, I plan on actively seeking a teacher and learning all I can learn from people.

With that being said, lets get down to business.....

TOTAL HOURS LOGGED: 1000 (will update weekly)

Week 1 Study Sheet:

- Be able to play the following songs: blackbird, six feet from the edge, robo theme (chrono trigger), your body is a wonderland
- Continue to learn notes on the guitar neck
- Have two of my own songs written
- Have learned 2 new licks that I can use

I will post a video update next saturday with what I accomplished.

Here is my current youtube channel:

Everything will be uploaded to that channel.

My current equipment:
A korean made acoustic guitar (no name), and a USA fender stratocaster plugged into a fender frontman amp. (No pedals at this time).

Ali Mac
Good luck.
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