So my first amp was a roland cube 80x. I still use it today. When i bought it, i remember the guy in the shop said something about that you can set it to night mode or silent mode or something like that, so you can get the full potential of the am, but its running at half or something... I have lost the manual, so can anybody help me find out how to do this?

Edit: Is there any pedals for getting this effect?
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Like with many companies, the manual is freely available from their website:


As for your question, I have no idea. I've got a cube 60, pre 'x' so I dunno.
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I think he was talking about the power squeezer? The little button, which lights up (red) when activated, which halves the wattage going to the speakers

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Wait....whats the use having an attenuator on a SS amp???
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Wait....whats the use having an attenuator on a SS amp???

Attenuators on digital amps make one set of volume/gain/tone pots more versatile. Pots with a curve suited to loud playing can be installed, and then the attenuator adjusts everything to be suitable for lower volumes.
u dont really need one with a solid state amp....it will sound fine at lower volumes but just for your knowledge they are called attenuators
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