I'm a bit confused over this song Wait Until Tomorrow, by Mr Hendrix. Here's the basic chords for the 1st verse:

             A                  E                  D
Well I’m standing here freezing inside your golden garden
A                       E            D
Got my ladder leaned up against your wall
A                       E                   D
Tonight’s the night we planned to run away together
A                            E       D
Come on Dolly Mae there’s no time to stall

So the verse just has those 3 chords, but Jimi's voice changes the whole time, and if I had to listen to his voice alone I would assume there's more than just those 3 chords being played. For example, the way he sings line 2 is very different from line 3, but they still have exactly the same chords. How does this work?
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Quote by deHufter
Singing other notes that also sound good over those chords, that easy.

Yes exacly.

Its like saying you have to play a guitar solo with the exact same notes as the chord underneath it