I have lots of free time along with spare parts for guitars (pickups, guards, knobs, pots..), so I figured why not just put together my first "custom" guitar? I picked up the old strat body I had lying around and decided this would be it. But, for some reason, I don't have any bridges. The body is strat-style and I know I could just get any random strat trem, but I want to see if I can fit anything more... awesome?

Here's a couple of pics:

Any more needed? This is just a general "What bridge should I buy?" thread. If it can't fit, but can be modified to fit, I'll do it. I was kinda looking for a locking trem... I need protips though, so recommend me some... hopefully with links!
Super Vee

This the only locking trem I know of that fits into a standard strat cavity, not sure if its actually any good though
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Look at Guitarfettish.com. get a reguler strat bridge and put locking tuners on it (they also have them). GFS has nice parts for way cheaper than any where else I have found.
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you can get a floyd and chisel out the area for the arm
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