Can anybody recommend some P90 equiped guitars to check, beyong the usual suspects (GIBSON....)
Hamer Newport:

Hamer Special:

Hamer Studio:

Epiphone SG:

There are many others, too.
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Oh man, I'm so GASSING on the Mayones guitars:

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There's some Eastwoods with P90s(the P90 Special and the Sidejack both do, and I'm sure there are others), PRS makes a couple and G&L makes some Tele-shaped guitars with P90s. I'm sure there's more too, those are just the ones I've tried. xD
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godin and G&L (they're bigger single coils, called jumbo MFD single coils, sound and behave exactly like a P90). both make incredible guitars that are loaded with p90's
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Collings has an LP Jr. Style guitar, but it seems quite expensive for one pickup

thats because it is alarmingly good.

you'll really never love anything else after you try a collings...

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I've got one of these...

However, I put black Les Paul style speed knobs on mine cuz the ones on the stock model are fugly. Plus, I put a "rhythm/ treble" ring on the pickup switch like on a Les Paul cuz it looks stupid without one. But, for the price, this guitar is mindblowing. Easily holds it's own against my Gibson. But, if you're looking for a Telecaster sound, this isn't for you. You can get a Tele sound, but it comes from the amp more than the guitar. It sounds pretty close to a Les Paul.

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Tele sound comes from the amp? Oh rly?

Oh shut up

I meant, whatever I do with the guitar, I can't get it to sound like a Tele, however, if I tweak the amp, I can get it sounding like a Tele. Get a traditional Tele and shove it through most amps and it'll sound like a Tele. This one sounds like a Les Paul whatever you run it through, you gotta tweak the amp and not guitar to get it Tele sounding.
^ That Tele looks awesome. It's what I would choose.
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Reverend Pete Anderson. One of my favorites besides the usual Gibbys.
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I love P90 guitars! Used to have a PRS McCarty Soapie, but I never did gel with it. I do love my Hamer Monaco III though.
Pretty much every guitar manufacturer makes something with P90s.

Check out Fret King, Indie, and Eastwood.
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I have a Gibson SG Classic and its great....gets a bit noisy though.

The Epiphone Casino is REALLY nice....but it isn't too versatile...mainly a good blues/jazz sound.
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i know theyre technically not P90s but what about a jazzmaster?
dat EBMM...dear god...must...clean...keyboard...
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