I had really no clue where to post this.
So im thinking about recording my own songs in audicaty. I need to make drumtracks for my songs. What is the best program for this?
Also what is a better program than audicaty to use? Somthing that dont cost to much...
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Reaper is free and prety much as powerfull as cubase/sonar/blabla.

You need some vsts, theres zillions, drumagog, battery, NI studio drummer, abbey road,

Youll probably want a midi controller/keyboard too so you dont have to draw the notes in.
Ive used FL Studio 8 XXL edition before. Dont know how it ranks among other software but its downloadable (if you look in the right places...). If you've got a mac I've heard good things about garageband.

I like some of the soloing on your jazz song btw - keep at it.
I use Guitar Pro for pretty much all my non-guitar recording, and I just upconvert it to an MP3 if I want it to sound better. I've tried FLStudio and Acoustica Beatcraft, and they only allow 16 straight beats per measure and they start looking rather confusing after a while IMO, so I don't like using them(I tend to use a lot of odd timing, straight 8ths and 16ths don't cut it for me unless it's thrash/death metal).

EDIT:That's not to say FLStudio and Beatcraft are BAD. They SOUND terrific(aside from maybe the crashes, but I like 14" crashes and they're not very popular, it seems). It's just that I don't like the interface and I'm not a fan of the way you set the timing on them.
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