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So, say a family member who you cherish is in an intensive care ward on a life-support system. They are in pain, and your only option is to pull the plug and let them die, but you don't think you can go on without them.

So would you plug the plug on a beloved family member?
i think not pulling the plug is cowardly and selfish for the reason that you can't go on without them

so ya, i'd pull the plug
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They're in pain with no hope of recovery? I'll pull the plug and turn up their morphine drip myself. And if you ask me, anyone who says they wouldnt because of moral reasons is just making excuses to absolve themselves of being incredibly selfish.
Fuck yes.

And I hope they have the decency to do the same for me.
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I voted no. I think that would be like murder.
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Would I pull the plug myself? No way. Would I "allow" someone else to do it? If there was no chance of coming back, yes.
If it puts them out of pain and they have no chance of coming back. Yeah. I would.

I like to think they'd do the same to me too.

I don't think it would be a very easy decision though,

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Yeah. If they wanted to...

Oh and by the way...does it have to be a family member? i.e. Someone we don't like?
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My family is very, very religious and if one of them were on their deathbed, I'd let someone else pull the plug, but I'd know that I did the right thing by them.
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Going through this atm.
Both my Aunt and Nan are in the hospital.

A few times there's been a crash and the docs have asked what we wanted to happen.
Luckily they pulled through, but we know it's a matter of time before the call comes.
We've already decided that it wouldn't be fair to keep them alive through machines since they're in such bad shape.
I would if they wanted me to but if they weren't able to make the decision, I wouldn't do it.
Ive never felt like I couldnt go on without anyone, so I would not have any problem with that
Btdt. Twice.
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If they're in pain, then yes.

If they're not in pain, (and depending on other circumstances), then possibly maybe no.
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If there is any chance of recovery, then no. But if they are in pain, and there is no chance they will pull through, then yes.