Hi all!

I've been tinkering with home recording and today I made my first "real" recording using my tokai, laney amp and samson q1u usb microphone. Recording . The song is Ratt - Lay it down. Recorded over the original song.

I recorded the whole song twice, putting one track slightly to the left and one slightly to the right, also I tried to EQ out the guitars from the background song as much as possible to emphasize what I played.

I know the playing ain't perfect but I'm happy with the result considering it's my first semi-serious attempt at recording.

Anyways, have a look at the Recording and any comments/critique or questions are welcome!
My gear:
Ibanez RG 570 w. Irongear pickups
Tokai EX-55 Korina Explorer
Laney VC50 w. Eminence speakers
Digitech Bad Monkey
TC Electronics Nova Repeater
ISP Decimator
Roland Cube 20X
BC Rich Bronze Series Warlock