Heh funny we both critted each other at the same time, I'll do this one as well as I'm sure it'll be a good listen

Interesting intro, slighty eerie, I like it. Sounds good when the heavy guitars come in, nice riffing. Plenty of changes in rhythm and feel keep this song interesting. The arpeggio part at 2:50 is really good, very tightly played as well. Interesting riff after that, I like. Anyway overall, again this song is really good, it's strength lies in it's variety. Maybe you could think about extending each section to explore some more ideas and make it a bit longer rather than jumping around so often. Not that jumping around is necessarily a bad thing, just a random thought. Good stuff anyway.
Hey man.

I really like this song. The piano at the stuff, with the blue-sy guitar is really awesome and transitions into the heavier stuff well. When the guitar riff starts it feels a bit off (maybe tweak it a little bit) but when it goes into the faster variant it sounds very good. The rest of the riffs are all quite cool. If you put vocals in this I think it'd be an awesome song. Maybe for some variety, some female vocals on it. The piano at the end caps it off well.

If you could take a look at this quick demo it'd be nice: