I don't understand why UG rejected my Adele's Someone Like you TAB twice. I have looked at other tabs and they are alright but mine is the best of them all. I spent 2 days listening to it and tabbed almost note for note: the piano version for guitarist.

i just want to share it with other guitarists who want to learn this beautiful song.

I can understand if UG rejected it if it was crap or if it was similar to other tabs on here. It's not the same and it's not crap. In fact, It's very accurate, almost note for note. If you'd seen it, you would say it's the best of them all.

I like to contribute my work and like my ranking go up and get the satisfaction to hear people learnt from my tablatures.

Not happy with UG
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must be very different from ALL the others, i mean there's only like two or thr- ... oh wait.
Mate. mine is so good.

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Maybe there is a problem with your self-criticism.
I don't no, never saw do tab, don't even know it.

But many people say that "my tab is so good" but in reality it's crap.
Most people have so much pride in there work. It is hard to accept a mistake.