Planning on getting my first 7-string, and was wondering if this was any good. I've read the extensive review on sevenstring.org, but I want to hear a few other people's experiences.

P.S. - Don't tell me to forget this and get an Ibanez or a Schecter and then start fighting about which is better, I've seen that already.
I had one. It was nothing special. The tremolo is garbage, so don't expect to use it. It's only there to suck away your tone and making alternate tunings hard. The pickups are awful too, but that's the case with any cheap guitar. The neck is too thick. It's not terrible for me, but I got a Washburn WG580 and it blows the Douglas neck away. It was ridiculously heavy as well, way too heavy for me, and neck heavy as well, which is weird because the body was pretty damn heavy. i guess it was just imbalanced.

It's a cheap guitar and it feels like one. there are way better buys out there for the same price. My Washburn WG580 destroys the Douglas SR370. It's lighter and has a far superior neck. I'd also take an Ibanez RG7321 if it came down to it, but realistically, I'd probably spend the extra cash and get something made in Japan.

I would advise against getting the Douglas, and this comes from having owned one.
thanks for the advice, but I really can't afford anything over about $250 USD. Anything a little cheaper?

Also, about how much would a used Washburn or Ibanez cost me? (Like, eBay or something)
I didn't realize it, but they dropped the price of the SR370 since I bought one. It looks like it doesn't come with Grover tuners now.

I say look for a used Ibanez RG7321 or a Schecter Damien in your area. Really, any 7 string within your budget will be junk, but if you go used, you'll get something a little better for your money.
I agree with what W4RP1G is saying. Get a used Ibanez or Schecter. Anything with a fixed bridge. You don't want to mess around with that Douglas. It just looks like bad news.
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