what are the top ten guitar solo to learn im into stuff like metal and rock suggestions??
No definitive top 10 thats quite subjective.

Heres a few ppl tend to learn early on
Enter sandman, One
Bohemian Rhapsody
Were Not Gonna take it
If this is your approach to learning solo guitar, then you might as well just sell your guitar on eBay.
comfortably numb
stairway to heaven
crazy train (or any RR solo)

after you learn them move on to:

paul gilbert- scarified
Yngwie Malmsteen - Far beyond the Sun
jeff loomis- miles of machines
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Symphony X - Sea of Lies

Anyone asking others for solo advice isn't going to be able to play that. Anyway, Instead of asking 'which solos can I play', you should try writing yore own solos and find out what you're capable of, and do something about it. Learn solos you like, and keep learning more difficult solos, and don't be afraid to push yoreself.
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