I got a 10$ gift card that I can spend at this music store, but I don't know what to buy.

I don't want picks I've got plenty..

You guys have any idea?
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strings? Cord(s)? A cheap strap? A tab-book? Hardware? Cheap pointless shit?
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everything that you've come to expect

a guitar?
though you might need some bartering skills as well
There is more than one thing i have to say...
Inb4 "a new amp"

Strings or some gizmo you don't have yet, whatever man just go to the store and pick something up for christ's sake.
Strings. My local music store has these like, plastic straplocks for like a dollar each and they're really, really nice. I've used 'em at every show I've played for the past like, year (and I get rowdy) and they haven't failed me. So pick those up if you can.
String winder.
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Does the card expire? if not save your money. Or strings and a string winder.
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Id buy strings.

Then use them to kill the person who gave me such a crappy gift.
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I think what you really need is a new amp.
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Stock up on strings. I wish I, and I have 8 strings distributed over 2 guitars

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Egg shakers or a tambourine. No wait, throw in a few extra bucks: egg shakers and a tambourine!

It never hurts to have cheap percussion lying around for when buddies stop by.
Guitar shaped dildo?
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Strings and plastic straplocks? Some higher-end cables?

Harmonica? My local music store sells harmonicas cheap, under 10 euros, I doubt they are high quality though, but it'd maybe be fun to mess around with if you don't really need anything else.
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1) Use $10 gift card to get a $20 gift card.
2) Save up till you can go to a brothel.
3) Hope you've saved up enough to afford a proper young kind and STD-free prostitute.
4) ???
5) Profit !
use it as partial payment for something more expensive.
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