So I went to guitarguitar today and finally got to play a proper/real jazzmaster (not the squier or 'blacktop' watered down versions) & well I love it to bits..

except for the price..

I have looked myself, are there any alternatives whatsoever, which have similar tremelo, switching and pickups? but is cheaper?

thanks guys
sorry but the jazzmaster is kind of a unique guitar and isn't really copied much these days except the shape. you may be able to find a 70s japanese copy. if you want the same pups and switching then a fender is all i can think of.
in terms of the different models..
MIM MIJ CIJ USA models, obviously the USA will have the best parts and quality, but aside from that, whats the pros/cons of the mexico/jap jazzmasters?
If you wait about a month squier will be making a J Mascis sig with all the regular jazzmaster features for under $400.
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that one looks good.

as for japanese or mexican versions they vary in quality and features. not sure if there is a mexican version that hass all the features you want. japanese ones are very well made and often have original specs (7.25 vs 9.5 fingerboard radius). they aren't really cheap and may be hard to get depending on where you are.