So, I got a Fender Strat Squire as my first guitar 9 years ago and since I got a new one its been collecting dust. My friend said it was weird for a Squire to have flame maple and I was wondering if it was rare or something or just normal, I'm clueless O_o. Thanks for the help.

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Fender flame maple neck.JPG
it does seem rare for a squire to have a flamed maple neck but im not an expert so im not really sure
My son's Squire Strat looks like it has a bird's eye maple neck. The fingerboard is quite spectacular. I've always thought it's quite beautiful for a <$150 guitar. So, is it rare? Apparently not. By way of comparison, I have a fairly expensive Fender Custom Shop Tele with a AAAA flamed maple neck. It's also quite beautiful, but cost several times what the Squire cost.
Wait is this a Fender Squier or a Squier by Fender?
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I have a Squier by Fender P-bass, Made In China that has a beautiful flamed maple neck on it. Got it for like $100 even. 2nd most comfortable bass i've ever played (number one is an Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray haha)