I've looked for this, but can't find an answer, so don't shoot me if it's not posted right. Dimarzio PAF (OLD) in front, SD JB in back,(newer),ALL PROPERLY wired with 50's era spec's, (cap goes between vol/tone pots)is sounding out-of-phase-y in center position. Sound great otherwise.These p/u's are supposed to be neck/bridge winds. Do I need to run the SD backwards? It's sounding like one of the coils is reversed, cancelling a coil in the DiMarzio when both P/U's are on. Still have power, but something's not right. The DiMarzio is one of the ancient ones, with no made in USA on the base, and I don't think they were wired for position back then. If I swap the start/finish leads on the SD, will this work? or do I have to reconfig all 4 wires?
"Life's too short for bad tone"-Rev. Billy Gibbons
That's what I thought-it should still sound the same with just the bridge pickup on. the Dimarzio is the old-timey braided single-conductor. Don't want to reverse that. I should be able to swap the green and black wires to fix it. It WILL sound the same by itself, won't it? Right now they sound like a wah pedal with both on.-Kinda cool, but not what I want all the time.
"Life's too short for bad tone"-Rev. Billy Gibbons
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I thought so. Right now I have vintage, searing, Al DiMeola tone on front and rear, but Robby Krieger "Peace Frog" tone in the middle!
"Life's too short for bad tone"-Rev. Billy Gibbons