Alright, these are the first lyrics I'm actually semi-proud of. First time I'm posting here too...

Anyway, they're kind of a work in progress, but I figured I could try to get some feedback as soon as I could.

It’s been two long years I’ve been waiting for you
But could I actually be ready to see this through
You know I care for you very much
But my heart just shifted gears without a clutch

It’s not that I don’t love you
But I might be having second thoughts
I’m so damn close I can taste
But am I prepared to take you on?

This might be happening too fast
But the time for hesitation is gone and past
If I really want you, I’ll need to act on you now
Before I lose you a second time around

It’s not that I don’t love you
I think I’m just not ready
You’re so damn close I can taste it
But I might be in too deep

I guess I must’ve waited too long
I see you’ve fallen for someone else’s song
As you might know, this ain’t music to my ears
I guess I’m waiting two more long, lonely years

It’s not that I didn’t love you
But my brain interfered with my heart
I was so damn close I could taste it
A shitload of good that did

Any thoughts?
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this reminds me of a situation i'm having atm, but one piece of constructive criticism, keep the chorys the same. the lyrics are good and u dont hav 2 take my advice but thats wot i wuld do