So what is the wierdest music you know about? Not heavyest, scaryest etc? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIm37KpG_TU I heard this a while ago, and i loved it! Anybody knows about stuff like this?
Please post links!
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Cardiacs are weird brilliance.

Residents are weird shit. Lots residents fans would disagree about them being shit, but they are clearly lunatics anyway, so what do their opinions matter.

Also some weird stuff i like: hella, maps and atlases, grupo nuevo de omar rodriguez
Don caballero, deerhoof...
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Igorrr. Check out Brutal Swing or honestly any song by him. Very off the wall.
Dance Club Massacre.
They play deathcore, but it's so simple, so easy, too brutal, it just sounds very weird to me.
Anything by Ron Jarzombek really.

It's pretty good though
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I think Unexpect is pretty weird music... Problem is, I don't think it's that good either, just plain weird music. Mars Volta sounded pretty weird (only heard 1 song of them so far though...)
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Read this!You know you really want to...

The 13th Floor Elevators, James White and the Blacks, Sun Ra and Brian Eno (thinking Another Green World, Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy and Before and After Science). Maybe throw in some Hawkwind or Vandergraf Generator , too?

Incidentally, if you ever need to clear a room in about 10 seconds, play Ornette Coleman's "Dancing in My Head." Dude plays a plastic trumpet on it. I'm not kidding.
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Primus is definitely one of those far out bands that you either absolutely love or absolutely hate. In my opinion, Primus rules. Because its so different, its like nothing i have ever heard before. You dont see many bands that can pull shit off like them. Two words. Les Claypool.
tool they're like experimental rock/metal, they have really weird time signatures and stuff

dunno if you've heard of them but you should def check em out
I must only like wierd music then... Most of my favourite bands have been listed already: Primus, Crimson, VdGG, Tool. I saw a band in Preston (UK) last night called Oaf. They were awesome! Check that shit out:

An english Lightening Bolt? Check Lightening Bolt out too, now that I mention them!

Try and get hold of the live dvd power salad by them, it's ace!
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