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Thanks for the feedback!

I'm For You - I liked the first minute or so, great synth work, drums could be a bit louder though. Vocals themselves are good but the vocal mix doesn't really work imo, the lack of sparkle doesn't gel with the track that much. Guitar lead and outro are good as well, both feel like natural transitions and spot on mix-wise too. Great job!

When You're With Me - wasn't so keen on this one, didn't really do much to maintain my interest compared to the first song. The drum beats should've varied more throughout, and perhaps have the lead guitar near the end slightly louder in the mix. Vocals don't really work either for me, would've worked better as a full instrumental imo. Alright overall, but I definitely prefer the first song.
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Hey mate, thanks for the feedback!

I'm For You - Pretty rad synth sounds and cool riffs, but I think they overpower the drums a bit too much (speaking of drums, maybe a more compressed sound could work better for the song?). Vocals are great and quite unique, but mix-wise it sounds like you could make them glue better to the rest of the ensemble. Cool song!

When You're With Me - I like the textures and layering overall as well as the main progression, but I'm not crazy about the bass sound. I agree with Innercelph in that the drums could work with a bit of more variation. I like your approach to the vocals, as I mentioned before it is pretty unique.
i'm listening to i'm for you right now...sweeet sweet creativity with the synth!!!!i'm digging this man......very trance/house like but with an edgy type of element(the vocals give it that alternative type of vibe)The synth line is badass and catchy at the same time...great great job with this......i can also hear a bit of a trip-hop/acid element in there....the production is quite good as really brought out the finer points of the radiant parts and layerd them welll

when your with me....nice bassline.....nice orchestration with the synth again.....i like the little lick on top of it....the wailing guitar adds a nice dimension,this sounds very gamy......(almost like a video game at first)but then when you put the vocals added a trippiness and uniqueness to it.......sounds like you can expand on this a bit more...maybe some changes here and ther(key modulation wise) sounds great as is though

this is really good stuff man....sounds like you have a unqiue style and a nice niche for yourself.I can't really classify this genre as anything but"experimental"because their are so many unique elements blened together

i like em both man...keep up the good work!
I'd kind of like there to be more of a syncopated groove to some of the melodies. Everything is a little too tied to the rhythm for my taste, but this also isn't really my style of music. Some kind of huge crescendo in the second song would be cool too.
I really enjoyed 'I'm For You'. The clean guitar tone fits perfectly with the synth, though I think the drums could be just -bit- more present in the overall mix. The vocals were interesting. I think the melody worked well, though I found the singer's tone a bit lacking (it probably has more to do with the way they were recorded/mixed then the actual voice)

'When You're With Me''s vocals and guitar work reminded me of wall-era Floyd. The bass tone was, well, I really just found it a little annoying, for lack of a better description. It didn't blend well with the other instruments. I agree with the other posters, the overall chord progression is very cool.
"I'm For You":
Caught my attention right away with that rhythm.
This track sounds so good, but those vocals brought the track down, in my opinion.
Your voice just didn't fit the feel or sound to me this time around.

"When You're With Me":
That heavy bass is great. Loving it so far. The drums should go more in the center of the mix to me. It feels odd with it mostly panned to the left channel. You've got a great rhythm going on. Every instrument flows well. Those vocals don't fit to me again. I think you really overused the effects this time. The guitar around 2:30-onward needs to be brought up some. Great ideas. Good song.

Thank you for the crit!
I'm for you
I'm sorry, but I just hate that kind of music, so I didn't really enjoy it. I can't really tell if its good or bad :/ I guess the synth-sounds are good.

When you're with me
Really cool intro, sweet bass line. The vocals just sound odd to me, sorry. It gets a little too repetitive, a break or solo/bridge section would be nice.

I'm sure you are a good musician, but this just isn't my cup of tea :/
Rock on Aaron!
I'm For You is pretty cool

reminds me of Rob Zombie in some weird way. This isn't my style of music but hell it's cool. The vocals can be mixed a bit better as some have said. Overall i just really like the feel and how outside sounding it is
I'm For You:
Not the kind of music I'd normally listen to, but I like the riffs, and the use of pitch bending.
Interesting approach to singing, but seems to fit with the song.
What genre of music would you describe this as?

When You're With Me:
Like the bass intro, is that actually being played on a bass guitar or is it synthesised? sounds very synthesised.
Think possibly the tone on the guitar could be improved a bit.
Song feels slightly repetitive, maybe more vocals could help to get rid of this

Decent songs, as I said, not normally the kind of stuff I'd listen to, but some good points in them.

keep it up :-)
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Hey dude, thanks for the crit! I knew my compression was a little heavy... I thought something sounded off. Anyway, your crit as per;

I'm For You:
Haha it's got some interesting retro-ey synths going on! If you're wanting a more 'driving' feel, you could always try sidechaining it to a peak controller to give it more of a beat? This maybe wouldn't work as well when you start singing though.
Your vocals could maybe come out of the wet reverb effect you have put on them - it's just with the dryer sounding synths, it sounds slightly odd. Besides that, the vocals are neatly done .
It's an odd combination of rock and synths but it works quite well with the solo synth over the guitar near the end; not my style or taste of music at all but each to their own.

Not a bad piece, but it's not my favourite out of your stuff.
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Thank you for listening & commenting! I appreciate it! I consider both songs some type of alternative music, but I agree they are not easy to classify. On "When You're With Me", the "bass" is a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 synth module.
I'm For You:
Nice work with the drums
Very catchy rhythm
Vocals a little weird for my taste but fit well with the song
Interesting guitar work
Very nice synth work.

When you're with me:
Interesting bass & drum part (reminds me a lot of early 90's First Person Shooters)
The guitar work is simple and blends in well
Vocals can come out a little louder
Feels very repetitive

Still, great work
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Thanks for the crit on mine.

I'm For You: Really cool and unique synth sounds. Very creative. Like the rhythm, kinda hypnotic. Strange vocals, they fit well though.

When You're With Me: Drums are slightly quiet in the intro maybe. Cool synth bass. Vocals quite sparse on this one, they fit in well though.

Anyway I really like both songs, very original. I enjoyed listening to them, good work!
When the song first got started, it was really good. The vocals seemed cheesy at first, but I find it a rather unserious approach at something seemingly interesting. It was jumpy, but I didn't really like the intro too much. Harmonically, the progression to the point where the song had started was acceptable, it's just my taste that makes me dislike it.

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Hey man thanks for the review. Im for you was pretty catchy and accessible, id say mix the vocals a little better they aren't meshing well with the rest of the instruments. Also raise the drums in the mix itd give the song the punch it needs.

I digged when your with me alot more. The intro is buff i like that bass synth. The song in general has a nice feel. Your vocals kinda remind me of the B-52's.
Thanks for the feedback!

Yes you have skills in synth work. And you make some weird music from other planet or galaxy, but it's good and enjoyable.
Vocals are really odd but they have sense in overall.

For me it's some sort of crossing between Sydney Barrett and some cosmic future music.
Keep going. Really trippy and original music. Great!
Thanks for feedback, I like I'm For You. You got creative with that synth, it's real original. Weird stuff completely, but real cool. Chorus fits well, and the solo is catchy and has a good tone. Great song
Checking out I'm For You

It's missing some bass. Vocals sound like rock lobster if that was intended great job.

thnx for the crit btw
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I really liked it, sounds interesting and original. Good job !
The bass line on the second song is awesome, your synth work is brilliant too, looking forward to some more of you mate
thanks for the feedback.
I liked Im for u alot. Its a really awesome, original sounding song. The solo was GREAT. good job

As for when you're with me, I dug the bassline alot. The vocals are really cool too. Good job.
Thanks for the review, the first song grabs me instantly with that synth intro, it's really interesting and different. The singing reminds me a bit of Mastodon and I think the weird noises that you have going on work very well. I think maybe you could have another verse at the end, but overall a well-writen original song.

The second song has more odd sounding synths which I think sound great, it's more chilled out than the first one. Those vocals sound trippy man and I like the break around 2:15. You could possibly have made this song longer, I'm thinking just a wild synth space jam at the end with more of your weird noises. Overall I like this song and I think you've got yourself a pretty unique sound that you should explore more.
I listened to both and they're both really good/catchy songs. I love the synth work on them, it sounds a lot different than most of the synth you hear. It's not really my kind of music, but I definitely wouldn't turn off the radio if it came on, which can't be said for 90% of the crap on the radio now-a-days. Keep up the good work, man.
I'm for you:

The synth is really cool, though the drums are hardly there. vocals are interesting for sure

When You're With Me:

Very psychedelic! the bass seems weak to me however. though the guitar is very nice.

Thanks for the feedback also
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I second the comments about the drums, The synths are definitely something cool, pretty nice stuff going on in there. The vocals aren't quite my thing, but they sit well and fill in the atmosphere well. I also wish I could feel the bass a bit more, but thats more of a personal preference, doesnt seem to be affecting the mix at all.

Bass synth in the next one is actually pretty good, if a bit sharp on the accents at times. The solo tone is good, bleeds out very well into the mix. Drums might need a bit variation, but they sit better in the mix than the first one. Vocal effect is pretty cool, sounds like a robot underwater. By about 2:30 I'm feeling the need for some variation in that bass line, the pads that start to come in after though are cool. Old school horror feel to them.

Overall both songs are mixed well with only slight alterations really needed, good job.
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Thanks for the feedback!

They could definitley use some more lovin' on the drums as others have pointed out. Actually, both could in this department. Layer up the drums if you can and try to get just better samples etc in general. Also the drums are too quiet in "I'm for you".

The synths do work quite well for the style you're going for so that's definitely a good thing.

The one thing I just don't like though, is the vocals. In my opinion, they're just way too heavy on effects.
Nice stuff man! "I'm for you" is great! Well trippy, but still maintains something catchy! Great vocals on it too!

"When you're with me" is nice too, not too sure on the bass tone at the intro, but it's not so bad when it's mixed with the other instruments. Overall it's a good song, but doesn't hold my attention as well as "I'm for you"

Just listening to "I'm for you" again. I really love it's weirdness. I could easily stick this on my ipod!

Could you check out mine if you have a moment?
Oh wow, this stuff is great. I can't really comment on the quality of it because my soundcard is a bit messed up at the moment and everything sounds like it's been downsampled, but the music is spot on. I listened to the first two songs and they really are great. Like I said, I can't comment on the quality, but the music was really great. I really like the kind of... trance-y alternative feel of them both. Lots of cool effects and such.

What I should say is, there are no complaints from me. Everything sounds great!
Just going to type as I listen.

I'm For You:

Drums are really quiet in this (looking up, a lot of people have said this). Synth sounds are pretty cool, although I don't usually listen to that sort of music. That singing is creepy as hell, but compliment the song quite well. Very trippy stuff, but the different synth riffs all complimented each other well.

When You're With Me:

Nice bass riff there. Once again, those vocals are going to give me nightmares - but they fit the genre. The guitar/synth is quite good, although this is starting to get a bit repetitive.

I don't listen to this sort of music, but all the different riffs and instruments came together quite well
Thanks for the crit Bossman.

Im for you.

Good for what it is, very eighties feel to it. Your vocal style is very recognizable and I'm sure there is a market for this out there. Good job.

When you're with me

A little more rock but I must admit that the bassline reminds me of some 8 bit nintendo game. lol . It is very catchy though and just like all your other stuff, very different. I could see this being played during an episode of CSI or something.
Thanks for your feedback! I'll start with the second one When You're With Me:
Really like the bass-riff. Very nice. But overall the song lost me about half way in. It's just a little to repetitive I think, and while it's very nicely done, there's little that would make me want to listen to it another time. It somehow reminded me a lot of Porcupine Tree, but maybe that's just the general arrangement and feeling of the song. I felt like it just needed something unexpected that kinda hits you right in the face, to make it more interesting and less predictable. Give it something catchy and it will be very good!

I'm For You
As many have said before, that's amazing synth work you did there. And also as many have said before turn up the drums. That'll give the listener something to hold onto, until the vocals kick in, because due to it's originality it's easy to get lost I thought. But apart from that there's not much to say other than that it's pretty amazing!
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I'm for You: Drums definitely need to be louder. In a kinda dancy song like this, the drums are the entire driving force behind the groove, which is extremely important, especially when the synths are doing all of this trippy stuff. Gotta have the groove come through. Otherwise really nice and very interesting.

When You're With Me: This one I like a lot. The bassline is very interesting, although for a song this repetitive I would've expected a more atmospheric feel to it, instead of just a little percussion, the bass and the lead.

Overall, very nice!
I enjoyed both songs.

The vocals on "I'm For You" didn't speak to me. I actually liked the vocals better on "When You're With Me", plus it's more chill and I like that.
Thanks for the feedback!

Listened to I'm For You, very funky bass and synth lines, although, the vocals seem somewhat out of place. Overall, it's a good track.
Those synths are intense in "i'm for you", they seem like they're mixed too high in the beginning but i don't think they are on second listen. Vocals are a little unclear at times. very new wave. Vocal effects are interesting on "when you're with me", but again they're unclear at times. I really want to hear that track with acoustic drums and actual bass. Nice keyboard work on this track

good work man

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Really digging the synth man! Actually could feel my mind blowing in the intro of "I'm For You". I like the vocals, especially the fact that they don't directly follow the melody of the backing instrument(s) (most musicians cant do that). Awesome tune!

I liked When You're With Me, very different from the other track but had a really nice vibe to it. The vocals were pretty strange but I digged it.

The stuff's surprisingly different from what you generally hear on UG which I like!

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